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Cozy, Rustic Hand-Crafted Tiny House

This work-of-art tiny home was hand built from scratch by my family and I two years ago. It’s rustic aesthetic was achieved by using re-claimed, re-purposed materials and essential, structural materials were bought new. It is structurally sound and ready to travel. The trailer was purchased brand new and the tires have 95% life on them. The home has only traveled about 2,000 miles. Exterior dimensions - 12’ length by 7’ width with a 4’ tongue Interior length - 9’ 9” Interior width - 6’ 2” Sleeper bunk - 6’ 8” length by 4’ width Height - 11’ 5” Estimated weight - 8,000lbs Inside is spacious for one and cozy for two. The book shelves act as stairs to the bunk, there is a closet with hangers, lots of windows for natural light, and a table that folds into an additional sleeping area. The home is heated with a wood stove. This stove heats the whole home easily. Sometimes in the middle of winter its so hot I needed to open the windows. The walls and floor are insulated with 2-inch foam board and the ceiling with 1 inch foam board. It is not hard to keep this place warm. The home is powered with a Goal Zero 1000 Lithium battery. A full battery charge usually lasts 7 -14 days depending on how much you use it. The battery can be hooked up to shore power and I have the chord. If you want solar power, the Goal Zero battery is perfect for solar panel hook ups. There is a sink and room underneath to install a holding tank. There is no toilet, shower, or fridge. This tiny home will always have a special place in my heart, but I would love to see it in the hands of others who will call it their home. Feel free to get in touch with any questions

$14,500.00 USD