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The Leafspring

The Leafspring is a handcrafted home featured in Lloyd Kahn's most recent publication "Small Homes." It is custom built using high quality materials. It has 4 inches of rigid foam on the roof that allow for exposed rafters on the inside. It features Siga house wrap and a rain screen siding. All the doors and windows are custom built as well as light fixtures. Brand new tires. It has a ladder to climb to the loft. There is 120v AC power, a fridge/freezer combo and a very simple gravity fed water system. Cedar interior and exterior and a walnut floor. There is a sunset mural with barn swallows painted on the ceiling and an awning window in the loft. It has an expandable dining room table and storage under the benches. This home was built with love and all local materials.

$49,000.00 USD