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Old Hickory Shed Made Tiny Home

200 sq. ft Tiny Home with one finished bedroom loft, and a secondary unfinished storage loft. We bought this model in the summer of 2017 as a shell and built it up from scratch. Full electrical runs throughout the house, including both upstairs lofts. Runs off extension cords, similar to an RV. There is no central heating, but we ran a "fireplace" space heater and it worked wonders all winter (and didn't break the bank). New sheetrock, drywall, paint, pewter laminate flooring, added ventilation (w/AC), carpeted "bedroom" loft, countertop. Spacious front porch and locking front door, along with two fully functional locking barn doors in the rear. Average utilities in the summer are around 30-50$ and in the winter 60-100$. This home does not have water/bathroom hookups, but can easily be remodelled to accommodate one. Ceiling panelling is awaiting installation but will be ready before sale date. This style of tiny home is perfect for a single occupant, or a couple such as ourselves. This home is very versatile; it is perfect for community living, renting to additional roommates, or even could be used for additional office or studio space. Pet-friendly, as we have 3 kitties and they love the house as much as we do. My job has relocated us up north, and we sadly must part with our home. 12,000 or make an offer. All offers considered. Will consider payments with a sizable down payment, or for the right occupant. Please call or text Kassi at 3608275281 to schedule a showing. We are still occupying the home, so please make note of that. Available Aug 1.

Tiny Home For Sale $12,000.00 USD