Tiny Homes Classified.com was created by GoTiny, GiveBig (www.gotiny.org) in an effort to provide a free/low-cost online framework to allow users from around the world to communicate, share ideas and news, buy, sell, and trade, and learn more about micro housing and sustainability. The small movement is a conscious lifestyle choice, and vehicle to solve social inequalities.  As the site develops, we intent to use revenue to further the movement in a socially uplifting and conscious way for those less fortunate.  Social enterprise is the future, using skills and business to make a difference in the world.  We are grateful for your support and cannot do this without you.

Tiny Homes Classified provides:

  • A marketplace for services, products, land, homes, resources, jobs and volunteer opportunities;
  • Forums for open discussion about current issues; allowing for creative solutions, and getting to know one another;
  • Events calendar to find local meet-ups, workshops and events;
  • Blog to share articles about the latest trends, community news, and socially conscious articles.  Writers welcome.  Message us today.



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