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"Recently, Washington County removed the square-footage requirement for single-family dwellings.  While the previous minimum size was 800 square feet, home builders must still abide by the county building codes.  Tiny houses are allowed in residential zones in the county as long as they are on a foundation and hooked up to utilities.  According to county building codes, dwellings must have a least one habitable room that shall have not less than 120 sq feet of gross floor area.  Bathrooms don't count into this total, but both a bathroom and kitchen are required.

"I don't know why we have a minimum size home, " Washington County Commissioner Zackary Renstrom said before approving changes that affect home sizes at a regular commission meeting on July 19th (2016).  "If someone wants to live in a 200 square foot-home, I don't know why we care."

Tiny homes built to be mobile with an axle and wheels are now classified as park model recreational vehicles and are allowed as a conditional use in recreational grounds and facilities and campground projects.  However, they are not allowed on residential lots, Messel said."

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Photo credit: St. George News

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