The American Tiny House Association has drafted construction guidelines, but is now in process of leading the effort to standardize these through ANSI.  In order to gain acceptance by zoning and planning boards nationally, THOW's must be recognized as safe and in keeping with accepted standards.  Currently, RV's have ANSI standards, but are designed for recreational living, not full time residences.

If you would like to be involved, join the Facebook Group, Tiny House ANSI Standards to participate in a discussion of possibilities.  The full article can be found on the Tiny House Association website here for further details about the project. Consider becoming a member of the Tiny House Association, and stay in the know with news about what's happening in the tiny house industry. Join today!

Note: The Toledo Museum of Art commissioned a Tiny House as part of its 2012 Small Worlds exhibition. Photo © Toledo Museum of Art, Andrew Weber Photography.

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