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$10,000.00 USD

28'x16'x7' Structall Insulated Panel building
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I have a Structall Panel building that was used for a years as a backyard vet office and then workshop. It consists of 3" thick foam insulated aluminum panels for the walls and ceiling, and 3" thick insulated steel panels for the flooring. This building has been through a good bit of hurricanes and never had any Structuall damage or major issues, there are a few rough spots that need to have a bit of can spray foam seal and cut clean, but besides that the building is in good shape. Being around for years has made it a bit weathered on the outside and there are some cosmetic flaws. If you are not familiar with Structall please visit their company website, their fully steel paneled buildings are state certified for residential living, the aluminum/steel combo I have is not state certified but it is entirely safe and sound for living. I would advice making the roof have a pitch if you live in snow states, right now the roof is flat. This building can have an entire floor added to it above or below, or the panels to be rearranged in any way or shape. They use Snap Lock technology that grabs the panels together and all you need to do is lay a line of sealant, and screw them in! much like the construction of a steel building or shed, just need an electric screw driver and a partner or two, but these are already insulated! There is only one generic door, and a 3x5 window hole cut in the building, but as stated before you can move them around onto any wall or area you would like. It is vary customizable and great for a starter project or AUD. The wall panels are 7'x4'x3", some of the roof and floor panels are varying sizes to fit the floor plan. This was bought for about $15k some years ago, then added to double its size which was another $10k-$15k. The new ones from the website this size are about $20k-$35k the last time i checked. Id like to get $10k for it. some electrical and extras will be included as well as a wooden frame foundation.